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Penelope And The Beauty Bar

Perfectly Pampered

Whether you are running a marathon or shopping in four inch heels, your feet get a daily workout.  So pamper those hard working soles with a luxurious treatment that will leave them feeling like new.  We invite you to settle in a comfortable reclining bed (there you can close your eyes or gaze at our beautiful tiled ceiling),  where your feet will be exfoliated and nourished with one of our signature scrubs.  Our skilled therapist will then gently work the reflex areas of your feet to induce a state of deep relaxation.  Not only will any foot pain be alleviated but your internal organs will function better and your entire body will feel rejuvenated.  A calf massage will then loosen up tired muscles and release any toxins that were broken up.  Lastly, your legs and feet will be masked and wrapped in toasty infrared foot warmers - this is truly a habit-forming treatment!